Anti-theft lock for trucks and lorries doors •VRB-16

This anti-theft lock for trucks and lorries is the right choice to maximize the protection of your vehicles doors. It can be installed on almost any type of door thanks to its universal format. It is rugged, reliable and easy to install and will provide a high level of security. This version comes with Inox or black steel casing for increased protection.

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This ant-theft lock for trucks is encased in a 2,5 mm reinforced steel case. It is available in Inox or Black steel.
We also supply the VRBiXX-FC version which has an emergency unlocking button.

WARNING : this lock can only be used in connection with the PLT-U control box. The VR2-FC locks are equipped with a limit switch to get a safer movement of the latch. Hence, the over-heating risks are close to zero and the life expectancy of the anti-theft locks increase.