Anti-theft lock Control Box • V-PLT-U

The PLT-U control box is the central system of our anti-theft locking systems for heavy trucks and lorries.

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Thanks to a reliable software and years of use our anti-theft locking system can manage various scenarios to lock and unlock doors according to your requirements : The S version (the standard version), the T version (for time-delayed locking/unlocking) and the TM version (specifically built for express delivery applications).

This anti-theft lock is ideal solution to provide a high level of protection for the doors of any type of truck and lorry. It is universal and can be mounted on any type of door.


Since 2001 Windoor has been actively involved in the field of  road transportation security and has supplied a growing number of companies with the CARE-LOCK ® anti theft locking device.
This is the original and heavy duty version of the CARE-LOCK® range. Indeed while CARE-LOCK® is suited for heavy trucks and lorries, the CARE-LOCK® Light is specifically designed for vans and all types of commercial vehicles. This range was created more than a decade ago. It consists of anti-theft electro-mechanical locks designed to secure the doors of trucks, lorries or other types of  industrial vehicles. Over a decade we have provided this anti-theft locking solution to a growing number of companies in the field of road transportation, logistics and companies requiring to secure their added-value cargoes (stamps, medicine, luxury goods, etc).It is a robust and rugged system with a low cost compared with other electronics or electro-mechanical solutions.

– 12-24 V/DC – Relay 16 A for the locks controlling
– Management of the + after contact and door opening
– 3 Leds for status control
– Option to cut power supply to the  truck tailgate
– 12 V/DC output to supply accessories (500 mA max)