Anti-theft Locks + remote control for Renault KANGOO commercial vehicle

The “Care-Lock Light” electro-mechanical anti-theft locking device is specifically fitted to lock rear and side doors of Renault Kangoo commercial vehicles .

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This CARE-LOCK Light anti-theft locking system is specifically designed for Renault Kangoo commercial vehicles / vans with 3 doors locking points with or without central locking control. This full kit is specifically designed for these commercial vehicles brands and models. It can be easily installed thanks to the mounting brackets & plates designed specifically for this purpose.

This kit is composed of the following items:

1 anti-theft lock (Ref V-CL-L-B) & mounting bracket (Ref V-CL-L-PAT-AH-KANGOO)
> 1 anti-theft lock (Ref V-CL-L-B) & mounting bracket (Ref  V-CL-L-PAT-AB-KANGOO)
> 1 anti-theft lock (Ref V-CL-L-B) & mounting bracket (Ref  V-CL-L-PAT-LAD-KANGOO)
> 1 remote control system (Ref V-CL-L-TLC)
> 1 contact stud  (Ref V-CL-L-CONT-PLOT-2)

Technical specifications:
– Bolt movement: 18 mm
– Bolt diameter: 8 mm
– Electro-mechanical system working on 12 V/DC
– Wired in parallel and up to 5 locking points
– Red button for emergency unlocking in case of a person being trapped inside
– Bolt guidance through a flexible cable with up to 90° angle capability
– Latch + assembly screws
– Electrical wiring harness
– Mounting brackets

Advantages of our anti-theft locking device for commercial vehicles & vans:
– Reliable and  very long-lasting
– No visible holes to be drilled in the external body
– Short time to fit the product
– Invisible from the outside
– Can be connected to the existing central locking system & remote controls
– Can be delivered with the Windoor remote controls to open/lock doors separately