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CARE-BLOCK™ : Innovative Electronic Anti-theft system – Windoor

CARE-BLOCK™ : Innovative Electronic Anti-theft system

A state-of-art wireless anti-theft device to protect your vehicle, including the "mouse-jacking" theft.

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CAR-BLOCK is a new and innovative electronic car locking device. It works both as an anti-theft system to prevent your vehicle from being stolen as well as a time-management control system for vehicles being uses by multiple parties. The device work in 12-24V and can manage up to four 30A circuit-breaks. The device is universal and can be fitted to any vehicle regardless of the brand, model or year, from collection or luxury cars to rental car, emergency, road work vehicles, etc.
CAR-BLOCK is based on proprietary encrypted wireless radio-frequency technology.
On contrary to regular electronic anti-theft devices, our system is wireless so there is no connecting cables between the remote control and the control box.
This technology offers several simple but outstanding advantages compared to regular wired anti-theft devices or electronic systems using the OBD plug: there is no OBD wire to follow and cut and the radio-frequency is encrypted. Hence, this is the perfect shield against thefts by “mousse-jacking”.
What’s more, CAR-BLOCK is easy to use: the system immobilizes the vehicle through 2 independent circuit breakers is the fuel or the electric circuit. The circuit-breaker is activated 10 seconds after shutting the engine. The circuit-breaker is de-activated after enter a code on the key pad. As an option it is also possible to use another type of transmitter. CAR-BLOCK also come with a “time-locking” feature, which is specifically designed for fleets of vehicles (rental cars, road work vehicles, etc.) that are used by multiple persons and different times. By setting up a specific time-frame, the vehicle owner or operator makes sure that the vehicle cannot be stolen and used outside of defined operating hours. This is particulary usefull for small road work vehicles that can be easily stolen.

The system comes as a kit composed of the following items:

  • Control box

This is the earth of the system. It manages all the different features from circuit-breaking to time-frame selection and control. The box is manufactured in our factory and its components are glued with a special waterproof resin to make it impossible to open.

  • Remote control

The remote control is a in-house design development. In the spirit of a smartphone, it is made of a plastic and aluminum edges and has 12 buttons. The remote control is wireless, meaning it has just the supply cables but there is not wires between this and the control box.

  • Wires

Each kit comes with the usual connecting wires : one cable for the energy supply of the remote control and one cable for the control box.

– 12-24 V/DC
– 4 possible & independent circuit-breaks
– Key pad with numbers from 1 to 0 to choose from
– 1 master code that can be modified
– 1 user code that can be modified
– Possibility to locking and unlock the device remotely
– Simple programming
– Easy installation
– Integrated calendar and clock
– Possibility to define a starting and ending date for operation
– Possibility to define operating hours
– Possibility to add a car alarm

Each kit come with a guarantee and an installation/user manual

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