Motorized Kit for Side Sliding Door opening of Fiat DUCATO “Camper vans” (All brands)

Motorized Kit for Side Sliding Door opening of Fiat DUCATO "Camper vans" (All brands). Version for 400,000 cycles.

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The WIN-DOOR “PRO” operator for side sliding doors is specifically designed to operate all day without overheating and for around 400,000 operating cycles, i.e. around 5 years of intensive use. The advantages of our system over the competition are :

A reversible gearbox that allows the door to be operated manually
A compact, powerful motor with a pulling force of around 30 kg. It can easily open even the heaviest sliding side doors on the market, even when the vehicle is parked on a slope.
The system uses a series of pulleys to drive a heavy-duty nylon cable to avoid metallic noise
The door is operated by a button on the dashboard. It is possible to add a button close to the door and a remote control.
The external handle can be concealed to prevent tampering and reduce break-in attempts
Allow around one day for installation. Full detailed installation instructions are supplied with each pre-assembled kit to make installation easier.
Technical specifications :
Max. power consumption 150 watts
Opening speed: approx. 3 seconds
Closing speed: approx. 3 seconds
Minimum operating temperature: -30°C
Maximum operating temperature: 40°C
Maximum frequency of use approx. 500 times / day